Your healthcare is in your hands

We make your healthcare personal! You can now connect your healthcare world of enabled apps, devices, data and healthcare providers through your mobile phone.  Making it easy for you to create, manage and utilize all of the parts that make up your health and medical world.

We Invented the future
Now the World is Embracing It

TouchDx inventions are the foundational technologies that others build upon—inventing new solutions in health and medicine that impact the individual and the world.


The Idea

Thinking outside the box

In 2010 an individual's health and medical care was a series of disparate islands of data and activity. It still is. But we are working on it.

We see a brighter world where the apps, devices, data and medical resources that make up your health and medical care can be accessed and managed by you - where and when you choose with a single device. In 2010 we developed a platform that enables your mobile phone to unify your health care.


Empowering you to manage your health!

To achieve our mission, we've brought together a diverse team of leading doctors, researchers, developers and entrepreneurs with deep roots in the business of healthcare, technology and building successful ventures. To succeed, we have aligned our efforts and vision with medical, health and technology leaders to produce amazing things.


The mobile phone is the gateway to integrating multiple apps, data and systems. A single touch point to the dynamic diverse healthcare world.
Open & Expandable
Individuals, organizations and companies can extend and integrate within the common ecosystem.
Data interoperability
Individuals control their own data access and sharing between their apps, devices, mobile phone and health providers.
Everyone is unique. Each individual can customize the ecosystem to meet their personal goals and needs.
Technology agnostic and system independent. You are not locking into a single vendor, system or organization.
Physical and temporal boundaries are eliminated. Information can be created, utilized and shared whenever and wherever the individual chooses.
The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.

William Gibson

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

Apple Founder